"From the moment Art started calling me, I knew there was something about you guys that I had to at least listen to. You guys are the best!”
Donna Wallace, General Manager St. Vincent de Paul Stores Milwaukee

"We want to thank you and believe the ads were well worth the investment.”
Rob Goll, VP/Principal - zizzl health


Anybody willing to follow a few practical principles can enjoy lasting success, even with a limited budget. With advertising experience on "both sides of the desk" (as successful buyers and sellers of broadcast media), we've learned key knowledge that has helped us to develop these principles to create a powerful competitive edge for your business.


Successful advertising doesn't take genius or lavish spending, but it does require patient persistence. Our specialty is keeping you on the air with great frequency within your already established spending guidelines.


The ANDERSONSMITH approach is not a quick fix. It cannot reach its full potential on a trial basis. It only works for those who commit to being patient, and are realistic about what their ad budget can deliver them. Think marathon, not sprint. For those who share our belief that persistence builds a brand best, the reward is big response on a small budget.


Commit to the power of broadcast media. It affects nearly every fabric of your life. Success in broadcast advertising requires belief in its actual power and your commitment to making it work for your business.

Moreover, when it comes to maximizing the frequency, placement, and impact of your regular radio ads, you have an excellent agency in ANDERSONSMITH; I believe if you asked radio pros in Milwaukee which agency gets the most value for a client's budget, the vast majority would name ANDERSONSMITH. It's their specialty ... they are extremely good.

- Jerry Bott, Director of Programming WISN News/Talk 1130 AM    

In Milwaukee, the stations I was heading partnered together with ANDERSONSMITH on a ton of long lasting ad campaigns - and I'm excited at the potential these guys have for bringing that same kind of approach and volume of clients to radio and TV advertising in Madison. They're great to work with.

- Keith Bratel, Market President, iHeart Media, Madison    

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chris kegel memorial

We’ll never forget you, Chris. You embraced ANDERSONSMITH from our very beginnings and gave us a chance before we were truly established. We may have created the Life is Short. Enjoy Your Ride tagline, but you were truly it’s inspiration. Rest In Peace, friend. We have been honored to be able to both work with and receive great inspiration from you.

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Building Sustainable Frequency

Your Affordable Universe is the number of people you can afford to impact. It is determined by the total amount you have to invest. Our thorough market analysis and aggressive negotiating allows you to reach more people, thus maximizing your Affordable Universe.

A business that breaks into a customer's mind 52 weeks a year is more likely to come to mind at the moment a purchase is planned.

Speaking to 10,000 people every day is a far better investment than speaking to 100,000 people once a month. Frequency reigns over reach.

Long Term Consistency 

The relationship between message consistency and consumer recall is hard wired. You can’t have one without the other.

Slick, clever, funny advertising may get your business noticed, but consistency makes your advertising memorable.

It is human nature to be concerned about your competitor's ads. When you see or hear one, ask yourself this: Will they be saying the same thing three months from now? In a year, will they be saying anything at all?

Four Pillars Support our Philosophy

Relational Advertising & the Power
of a Signature Sound

Passion sells. If you want to find the passion in a business, look for the person who owns it.

Persuasion is advertising in its purest form. Nobody delivers the power of persuasion like the wordsmiths at ANDERSONSMITH.

Music creates memories. If you doubt this, try naming the ingredients of a McDonald's Big Mac®.

Maximum Efficiency From Every Dollar

If you want to make every advertising dollar count, the first and best thing to know is whom to trust.

Every decision we make, from planning your buy through creating your commercials, is focused on one goal: Maximum efficiency.

At ANDERSONSMITH we aren't artists or magicians. We are master craftsmen. Our chief craft is keeping you and your business from becoming just another needle in the marketing haystack.

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