No one knows local broadcast media advertising better than ANDERSONSMITH. Bold statement? Yes. And we’ll substantiate it - when we meet in person.

We offer to you a UNIQUE BUYING METHODOLOGY, specifically designed to enable the power of REPETITIVE SUSTAINABILTY to impact your AFFORDABLE UNIVERSE and your bottom line.

It’s easy to make a big ad budget produce results. But the ability to make small ad budgets generate big results takes acquired, experienced know how. This is what we do.

Practical Principles That Make Every Dollar Count

Our ability to harness the power of the airwaves through smart, efficient media buying enables you to have long term advertising SUSTAINABILITY. The longer your business remains on the air, the more impact ANDERSONSMITH’s unique ad communication will have on consumers. Soon they will know all about what makes your business special and you will have attained TOP OF MIND AWARENESS and INVOLUNTARY RECALL.

  • Are you getting the best ad rates possible?
  • Is your message as unique as your business?
  • Is your branding synergized throughout all facets of your marketing?

If you can't confidently answer "yes" to all, or even one of the preceding questions, then partnering with ANDERSONSMITH will give you the edge you are seeking.