group photoArthur and Jason became friends in 1990 around the age of 16 while working at JCPenney. Little did they know, the friendship they’d formed as high school kids, would be the beginning of something very special.

Several years later, Arthur was hired by the Hearst Corporation to conduct media sales for News/Talk 1130AM WISN. Jason found himself entering a very similar sales career working WVTV Channel 18, a Warner Bros. network affiliate, two years later.

After both gentlemen had achieved notable success selling advertising airtime and unique ideas to dozens of local business owners, something started to click. The ideas they were selling actually worked. The ads they produced, the direction they gave and the phrases they wove into their client's advertising stuck - some to this very day.

In late 2003, Arthur reached out to Jason with a career opportunity. Arthur was now a General Sales Manager for Clear Channel Communications. As a GSM, he was in need of a veteran ad salesperson to bolster his staff so he turned to Jason Smith, one of the top Account Executives in the market.

After Jason accepted Arthur's offer, the two of them came to the realization that they shared something else in common; they both wanted to start an advertising agency. After seven months and dozens of conversations, ANDERSONSMITH was born.

Since August 16th, 2004 ANDERSONSMITH has taken their unique approach to local advertising to heights few imagined they'd attain. With several millions of dollars in advertising billing each year, and Milwaukee's airwaves blanketed with ANDERSONSMITH's unique style of ad communication, it's clear to see that their recipe for advertising success ON THE LOCAL AD DOLLAR works.

About Arthur

After earning a 2 year Associate Degree in Marketing Communication, I invested an additional 8 years developing my skills in the field of Media Sales as an Advertising Account Executive. I learned and accomplished many things as a young executive in Television and Radio Media Sales. After being promoted, I was soon privileged with both managing and training a multitude of new Media Sales Professionals and Senior Account Executives.

Through this experience, I earned the respect of my colleagues and clients alike, for possessing a unique ability to generate advertising results; sometime even on shoestring advertising budgets. In doing so, I managed to form many relationships on both sides of the desk.

These established relationships later became more useful than I could have ever imagined. Having an in-depth understanding of how broadcast inventory was both bought and sold, led me to negotiating millions of dollars for every ANDERSONSMITH client dating back to our inception.

I've yet to meet a business owner who did not want more, for less when managing their advertising investments.

Here at ANDERSONSMITH, we have a rather unique media planning and buying philosophy which caters to small and mid-sized businesses. Our philosophy focuses on buying only within one's AFFORDABLE UNIVERSE, in an effort to generate maximum ad coverage on the LOCAL AD DOLLAR fifty-two weeks out of the year. In a nutshell, we train our clients to think long-term marathon versus short-term sprint.

“I've yet to meet a business owner who did not want more, for less when managing their advertising investments”

Many relational advertisers once sat on the fence of reason, no different than where you currently sit. They chose the long-term RELATIONAL approach and ignored the short-term TRANSACTIONAL approach. Why? Because the TRANSACTIONAL approach always leads to short lived "experiments" and makes it nearly impossible to ever develop a deeply impressed brand.

In short, I've partnered with hundreds of business owners and managed millions of advertising dollars, starting with budget determination all the way down to campaign management plus everything in between. When you're ready to eliminate costly advertising mistakes, place your investment in the hands of a team who can all but guarantee positive growth within your AFFORDABLE UNIVERSE. Let us infuse the ANDERSONSMITH methodology into the CHIEF AIM of your business strategy and we will execute a plan you can be proud of.

About Jason

After graduating from St. Norbert College with a degree in Communication & Media I started working in Milwaukee broadcast media in 1998. This was a boon time in media sales and I benefitted heavily from a strong economy, a persistent attitude and outside of the box thinking. I soon realized that it was not just airtime that I was selling, but ideas.

I am proud to say that ANDERSONSMITH retains clients to this very day that were clients I worked with as early as 1999.

And now, after having written and produced hundreds of radio and TV ads, I will use my wealth of experience to create for you, the most potent advertising you’ve ever invested in.

“I soon realized that it was not just airtime that I was selling, but ideas.”

I'll search for what is unique about your business and I will harness your passion, to let your AFFORDABLE UNIVERSE know everything that is in your heart, that you only wished consumers knew and/or realized. You'd be surprised at how little consumers know about what makes your business unique. We'll fix that, and you'll soon realize just how potent ANDERSONSMITH communication truly is.

We don't call our advertising "creative" but rather "potent communication". In the end it is sincere, passionate communication that sells best. Merely telling is far from selling. After we've helped you articulate your passion for your business, and what makes it unique, we'll engage the consumer over and over and continue to sell your unique message. You'll see…consumers are interested. You just have to learn to speak their language, and more importantly, talk about what matters most to them.

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