Since 2004, ANDERSONSMITH has partnered with scores of locally owned business just like yours. The beauty of relational advertising is that any business owner who is passionate about their business can benefit from this honest, sincere and practical approach to local branding.

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Advertising Success

Now, we can't take all of the credit, but below, you will see how we have helped deliver solid ad success to small to midsize local businesses, just like yours. We hope to be able to have the opportunity to do the same for you.

Lisbon Storm Screen & Door
March 2021. Over 60 year-old business breaks March 2020 record by 100%! Recently owner David Wilhelm's name was brought up on a local radio show, The show's host mentioned how he thought David was the best local on-air business owner/spokesperson in Milwaukee. There is no doubt that the sincere stories we tell listeners, joined with a compelling personality and very hard to forget jingle - that hasn't stopped advertising for nearly 10 years straight - can work wonders for a business's bottom line.

Lisbon Storm Screen & Door
1Q 2020. Long time client and continued success. Posts largest 1st quarter in nearly 60 year history. David, thanks for the update!

Carpetland USA Flooring Center
June 2020. This AS client since 2005 reports this month being the largest retail month in this growing company's history. Glad we could help the cause!

Oct. 2019. Congratulations on the opening of your first Chicagoland location in Vernon Hills! Soon, a whole lot more people will BREATHE WELL & LIVE BETTER.

Lisbon Storm Screen & Door
Sept. 2019. We were worried why this long time client just wasn't getting back to us, but the worry subsided when we received this text from David: "I forgot to call you back the other day… Sorry! October is normally our busiest month of the year and September just beat every October we ever had." All good, David. We're glad you’re so busy. Continued success…

Strong Health & Wellness
June - Aug. 2019. After taking the ball and running with some of our advice to focus message on what we viewed as his most potentially profitable portion of his practice: Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Dr. Strong happily reported back to us that this change had almost immediate success, leading to 3 record breaking months in a row! Strong message, willing client. That always works.

Lisbon Storm Screen & Door
1st Qtr. 2019. David, thanks much for updating us - and congratulations on achieving the biggest 1st Quarter in your company's over 50-year history! With having helped you create 60+ ads over the last 10 years, we're glad to have had a part in your tremendous growth story.

Marty's Pizza
Mother's Day 2019. A company record for both the Brookfield and Delafield locations! That's great to hear. The fact that you’ve never stopped advertising over the air 52 weeks a year - every year - since '04 is certainly one of the reasons for this great success. That said - it doesn't hurt to have the best pizza around! Great stuff' guys. Thank for letting us know.

With us since Feb '12, we are proud to have helped ADVENT grow from one location to become the largest private medical practice specializing in nose and throat issues in Wisconsin. Over the years our partnership has continued to grow and we couldn't be more excited to see such tremendous growth and success for this revolutionary medical practice.

Burlington RV
2018. Wow. A "mind-bending record" year. That's quite a statement from a 2nd generation business now running 36 years strong. But that's what happens when you run a great business and support it with 8+ years of compelling on-air advertising and a jingle that is a true earworm. We're glad to have been a part of your success for these last 8 years, Tim. Thx for letting us know on the recent success.

Bay View Shade & Blind
2018. After being an AS client for 11 years now, we have to applaud this nearly 100 year old business on achieving back to back record years - in 2017 and now again in 2018. As BVSB has shown, when you stick to the plan and join it with great products and over the top customer service, the sky is the limit - even after nearly 100 years.

Lynch Family of Dealerships
Nov 2018. More growth from this great family run automotive group. 15 years ago, you were our original FIRST client with one dealership destination. Now with the All New Lynch Buick GMC of West Bend, the LFD is 5 dealerships strong, and selling a ton of vehicles. All the best to your continued growth.

Marty's Pizza - Brookfield
Oct 2018. The hits just keep on coming for these guys! Another record month! Congrats! MP is the standard for not only great food, but also sticking with and continuously growing their ad budget, to make sure that the booths stay full and the delivery trucks stay on the road.

Askren Wrestling Academy
August 2018. Congrats on helping over 800 youth and high school wrestlers hone their skills through your various camps this Summer.

Lynch Family of Dealerships
July 2018. Congrats on your 5th store, Lynch Buick GMC of West Bend! When we started together nearly 20 years ago, there was just one store in Burlington. Now, we see that Lynch logo on vehicles all over SE Wisconsin. Smart business and always growing your advertising to support your growth. It continues to be an honor, guys.

Marty's Pizza
June 2018. A +20% record-setting Father's Day in Delafield?? Whoa Daddy! You guys have been going strong for the last 60 years. We're very proud to be a part of the last 15.

Carpetland USA Flooring Center
August 2018. More growth on the horizon for one of our flagship clients! It was May of '05, when we started together with 2 locations. Now with your 7th location opening, CL USA is a true market force. Dave, your firm commitment to TV advertising and the cohesive synergy that we've developed among your print and billboards as well, have surely been factors in your spectacular growth - but it's your very level-headed approach to all the business you do that we think has brought you much of that success. Congrats!!

Belman Homes
belman photoCongratulations to David Belman, an AS client since Jan '08, who was just named the Waukesha Freeman's 2017 Citizen of the Year! You've done a lot for your community and our veterans with BH's Operation Finally Home projects and we couldn't think of a more deserving citizen to receive this honor. Keep up the great work!

Bluemound Express
August 2017. More continued success for this 3rd generation family owned business. These guys are just breaking records year after year! AS clients since Dec '09, BE has been one of our biggest success stories - and great guys to boot. Rick, you have a great campaign, you've grown your advertising, you guys do great work and you really do care. We know that’s why you've had such consistent success. Thanks for letting us know.

Bay View Shade & Blind
2017. BVSB has been with us since Jan '08, growing their ad budget and enhancing their TV ads every year. We're very excited that 2017 was a record year in sales for this 3rd generation family owned business. Lisa, you and your family have been a sincere pleasure to work with. Nothing could make us happier than hearing of your success.

Lisbon Storm Screen & Door
September 2017. Long time AS client, David Wilhelm was happy to let us know that September was his company's biggest month (by +20%) in their 56 year history. David, you've stayed on the air so consistently with so many great relational messages - it's no wonder why you've earned Milwaukee's trust. Thanks for sharing this great news.

Capital Heating & Cooling
2017. Another great story of recognized growth, and another AS client on the list. Congratulations to Capital Heating & Cooling, on board with us since Oct '16. For being named to the Milwaukee Business Journal's Fastest Growing Firms list! Jason, Laura – it's been a pleasure working with you. We intend to continue the growth!

2017, 2016, 2015, 2014. We are pleased to report that ADVENT, an AS client since Feb '12, has been named to the Milwaukee Business Journal's Fastest Growing Firms list for the 4th consecutive year! Doc, you've stuck to the ad plan, you’ve grown it and run an excellent practice. That's a recipe for success.

Lynch Chevrolet of Kenosha
August 2017. Lynch has been with AS since Day 1, and we are proud to announce that their Push Pull Drag sale, which we helped coordinate a multi media blitz to promote, (tv, radio, billboards) yielded Lynch Chevrolet of Kenosha a record sales month. That's AWESOME. Thanks for being with us for all these years, guys. We're glad we've been able to help with your success and wish you even more.

Bluemound Express
Moving & Storage

May 2017. Don't change the record, because this tune is music to our ears. More continued success for this over 70-year-old family-owned business. Thru mid-May, Rick tells us their having their biggest year ever - again! Kudos, guys!! We love your on-air campaign!

Marty's Pizza
January 2017. One of our very first clients happily reported to us that during the week of 1/2/17, at their Delafield location, MP posted their best week in over 35 years! It just goes to show that consistent, persistent, frequent and efficient advertising every week of the year pays continuing dividends.

BWO Insurance
2016. This long-time client has been a Milwaukee radio advertiser with AS since 2007 and has expanded into the Appleton/Oshkosh market. Hoping to duplicate the advertising success achieved in the Milwaukee market, BWO generated a small radio ad budget for an Appleton/Oshkosh radio buy. We're proud to say we were able to turn that ad budget into a 50-week repetitive ad presence that helped BWO grow enough to now able to double their 2017 ad budget in their newest market. Congrats on the growth, guys - and thanks for your continued confidence in us.

Benefit Reality
2016. Thank you, Angela for letting us know of your 150% increase in sales from 2015 to 2016, only short 2 years after getting on board with us. We hope to help bring you even more real estate selling success!

Askren Wrestling Academy
ben askren
December 2016. We just had to take a sec to say what an honor it is to be able to work with 2008 Olympian, 2x NCAA National Champion, former Bellator Welterweight World Champion and current OneFC Welterweight World Champion Ben Askren. Folks, if Ben can trust us with his advertising investment, so can you. Thanks Ben. We'll work hard for you!

Carpetland USA Flooring Center
September 2016. Hats off, Dave! For winning back-to-back Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Top Choice Flooring Awards in 2015 & 2016!
award logoaward logo

Benefit Realty
May 2016. Another small budget advertiser yielding impressive results from smart buying and potent messaging. Congrats Angela! Thank you so much for letting us know that May of 2016 was your agency's biggest month ever.

Carpetland USA Flooring Center
2016. One of our very first clients has sustained on the air now for over 11 years straight, has grown from 2 to 4 locations, is eyeing a 5th, and again has experienced a record month, this time in retail sales! We're very proud to be a part of your continuous rise Dave. Keep on, keepin' on!

2016. Timera Garcia, Director of Brand and Business Development at Advanced Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists had this to say: Just wanted to let you know that the response to the radio advertising has been tremendous, so much that we are almost at capacity for our Tuesday event! And even before the Journal ad runs! It's a great problem to have. Thanks guys! Within 24 hours we had to switch the radio ad because we had reached capacity of their event. ADVENT has been on the air 52 weeks a year with AS since Jan '12.

Carpetland USA Flooring Center
2015. CL USA, an AS client since May '05, has not only grown their broadcast ad budget by over 1200% since our partnership began, but has also grown from 2 to 4 locations with eyes on a 5th. They were happy to report to us huge 2014 to 2015 increases. We're uncomfortable with detailing the massive growth numbers, and we can't take all of the credit, but it does go to show that a committed advertiser can make head winds even in markets with established flooring retailers. Congrats guys! Here's to 10 more years.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios
SE Wisconsin

2015. FADS has been a consistent 52 week AS advertiser since September of '09. Recently FADS was delighted to tell us that their top 2 SE Wisconsin locations ranked 1st and 2nd in overall revenue and that in total 4 of their locations were among the top 10 performing FADS franchises nationwide. Guys, the ad campaign we have going can go national – it's that good! Kudos to you for staying on the air with it to yield this kind of success.

Marty's Pizza
2015. After being on the air with AS 52 weeks a year - every year - since November of '04, this iconic pizza purveyor has enjoyed unbelievable success. MP's Delafield location enjoyed another record 2015, coming off a record 2014. Back to back record years! All while Marty's Brookfield location enjoyed substantial annual gains from 2014 to 2015. Stay on the air with a great message and meet your customers expectations and you have a recipe for success.

Karp Law Offices
2015. Long time client Attorney David Karp had this to say: “I am very appreciative of our relationship and what you both have done for us. I can tell you this; we have had the best financial year in 11 years in 2015 and the third best on record of our 25 year firm history...and that is quite remarkable, given...the stiff competition in both family law and personal injury. I think a lot of the firm’s success is the marketing and advertising we do and I plan to stay the course as long as I am in charge of this firm.” It’s so great to hear this, David, and thank you for sharing this great news with us.

Bluemound Express
Moving & Storage

June 2015. Well, evidently what we are doing together is working! It is so great to see a small business stick with a plan, grow it and reap its benefits. One of Wisconsin's most respected and established movers has happily reported to us that sales numbers March thru May met or exceeded last year's record breaking month of June 2014. Even going so far as to say: "We can't book another job... every man is accounted for seven days a week!" Rick, we're glad to help. Great businesses, engaging in compelling and consistent week in and week out on-air advertising are virtually guaranteed success.

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